14 February 2009

Craft for Victorian Bushfire Victims

Handmade Help

Handmade Helps Out is a group of crafty types who have joined forces to make raising money for the Red Cross and Wildlife Victoria more effective. Heaps of craft item sales and auctions are listed on the site with proceeds going to bushfire victims, as well as other ways crafty people can help out.

Have a look through the items, perhaps something will catch your eye. Think about the birthday and other gifts you will want to give this year.

I am auctioning a felt hanging which you can bid on here until tomorrow evening. In addition to donating the entire proceeds to the Red Cross, I will donate an equal amount to Wildlife Victoria.

23 January 2009

Lego: totally a crafting medium.

It's all about Lego at our house at the moment. Our five-year-old is really getting into not only following the directions but inventing her own structures, which is, let's face it, the absolute best thing about Lego.

I got some cheap plastic 3L boxes and some smaller (about 250ml) to sort our collection into and it's amazing the difference it makes when constructing. Not only is the process sped up, but drastically simplified. Now we're building every set we own - and there are a few; this is a 30+ year old and growing collection - to work out if there are any missing pieces.

For this I heartily recommend Lugnet and the associated PICSL and Peeron for scans of instructions and set inventories. I found the directions to set 672, a circa 1979 fire engine today. It's my favourite childhood set and I'm pleased to report that I have it entirely complete.

To continue the theme we're off to Brickvention in Melbourne this Sunday to gather some inspiration and admire the work of other local Lego enthusiasts.

Lego Villa Savoye by Matija Grgurić

11 January 2009

Tissues And Relative Dimension In Space

How much do I want to make one of these TARDIS tissue box disguises by Craft:G33k Jessica?

How many tissues do you think it can hold?

9 January 2009

Kate MccGwire

Artist Kate Mccgwire has created a series of amazing installations using pigeon feathers.

The way the feathers are arranged is reminiscent of some of Andy Goldsworthy's work with leaves, but the use of feathers is more unsettling for some reason. The biological aspect perhaps, or the associations with taxidermy.

One feather found on a walk is something pretty to take home and admire. Displaying more feathers than one bird could possibly carry is repulsive.

I cannot wait to incorporate some of this imagery into a short story.

2 January 2009

Embroidered Wright.

This Frank Lloyd Wright design embroidered from architectural drawings makes me want to live in one even more. And I didn't think that was possible.

5 December 2008

Sarah's Drawing Pocket

Sarah's gift

It seems like we're running off to another Christmas or birthday party every second day at the moment. Crafting is most definitely for Other People for the foreseeable future. But that's OK, because it's all de-stashing, right?

Unfortunately I cannot remember where I got the idea for a drawing folder like this. If it was you, thank you! I love the extra pocket for completed artworks and stickers. Also, please to be noting that my sewing machine does not do embroidery, so yeah, that was free-handed with two colours of thread at once. Hardcore.

drawing folder

20 November 2008

Fake boys

What is it about faux bois that makes it the thing of the moment? It's horrible and seventies and reminds me of the cabinets in my mum's kitchen. Faux bois = laminate peeling from chipboard. Not an aesthetic I need to reproduce. But if you do, at least have the dignity to paint your own. No more wood print vinyl, please!